Holiday special from the guys at Rhino Camera Gear.

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A Message From Kyle Hart (Rhino Camera Gear’s Founder)

“I get questions all the time from amateur film makers asking how to get slider-like shots on the cheap. Often, they’re saving for a Rhino Slider, but they want something cheap to get them by.

Depending on the situation, I’ve suggested everything from skateboards to $10 DIY options online, but as a product designer I wanted to offer a more elegant solution.

This is my attempt to offer an easy-to-build, extremely affordable, and relatively smooth camera slider. You won’t need to drill or tap any holes or buy any expensive tools. This is my holiday gift to you! Enjoy.”


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My original set of links from way back 





Tools and scripts from back in the day when i was teaching myself 3D programming using the Torque Game Engine (way back in 2005).


Includes cross compiling scripts for Linux, TGE tools, and MAP exporter for TGE.